Thursday, 16 May 2013

The Anamchara Fellowship

The Anamchara Fellowship is an ecumenical and joyous expression of new monasticism, bringing together ancient traditions of prayer, worship and pilgrimage within a contemporary context. For three days last week we were blessed to have them in our midst. We prayed together, travelled together, and ate and drank together. In a matter of days we became life-long friends. They also received two new Companions from the Isle of Lewis into the Fellowship.

The word 'Anamchara' is an ancient Celtic word that means 'soul friend' or 'spiritual mentor'; a person who travels with another through all the trials and joys of life. The Anamchara Fellowship is open to lay or ordained, married or single, women, men, or partners in a committed relationship. It promotes and upholds the following Rule of Life:

Simplicity of Life
- Seek to live without a spirit of accumulation
- Use all things with gentleness and respect
- Become extravagant with our love and care

- Live with gentleness of manner toward everyone
- Renounce all physical and verbal control over others
- Constancy toward the one with whom God has blessed us as mate or as Anamchara
- Consciously strive after peace and mercy for all

- Follow the Gospel imperatives of love and forgiveness
- Work within the context of the Church to which the member belongs, seeing the leadership and councils of the Church as guide
- Listen to the voice of God in those placed in authority over us in our congregations, dioceses and within the Fellowship

If you are interested in the Fellowship, please look at their website for further details: