Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Diocesan Synod 2012

The Diocesan Synod of Argyll and The Isles officially began last night with our Synod Eucharist at St. John's Cathedral with The Right Reverend Kevin Pearson celebrating and preaching with much passion and energy. The evening was made complete with a wonderful dinner at the Argyllshire Gathering Halls, where all lay representatives and clergy and visitors gathered in friendship over a large buffet, with much laughter, conversation and anticipation for the next day's business.

Today we met together again to consider all of the important mission and ministry throughout the Diocese and to give prayerful space and attention to the Anglican Covenant. The Bishop encouraged each and every one of us to be bold in ministry, to make mission a priority, and to be responsible and thoughtful with matters of money and buildings. We give thanks for the diversity of people throughout this Diocese and we look with hope and anticipation towards the future, confident that we worship a God of abundance and life!