Friday, 13 April 2012

The Lewis Shawl Group

Each Tuesday at 11 am, beginning on 17 April, the Lewis Shawl Group will be meeting at St. Peter's church hall. This group takes its inspiration from the prayer shawl ministry that began in North America a number of years ago. They will meet each week and knit shawls for various charities such as MacMillan Cancer and the Bethesda Hospice. Once completed, the shawls will be blessed at one of our church services and then given as gifts of prayer and love to people who are struggling with illness.

All knitters or would-be-knitters are invited. If this day or time does not work for you, and you want to participate, please know that you can still knit a shawl and bring it along to St. Peter's Church when it is completed. Please note: this group is not just for women. Men are welcome too!

A Shawl Prayer by Darcy Horon
Lord, bless these needles that they stay strong and light so they don't tire the hands that wield them;
Bless this yarn with strength and softness that it will form a cloth of warmth and comfort;
Bless these hands with strength and skill so they make well crafted gifts;
Bless this heart with strength and perseverance so I will see this work through to bring comfort to those in need;
But most of all, dear Lord, bless the wearer of this cloth with strength and comfort, that their burdens may be lightened and their hearts gladdened with the realisation that they are loved.

Let the favour of the Lord our God be upon us and confirm for us the work of our hands; yes confirm the work of our hands. Psalm 90:17