Sunday, 3 February 2013

The Bible Challenge

Recent studies show that vibrant and growing churches share one thing in common: they have a strong commitment to teaching and reading the Bible in an accessible way. To that end, the Centre for Biblical Studies has designed a one-year reading schedule to help people read successfully through the entire Bible in one year. Since it began, well over 2,000 congregations in at least 27 different countries are participating. So far, 7 people at St. Peter's have committed themselves to this challenge. Would you like to join us? Whether you live on the Isle of Lewis or half way around the world, we would love it if you joined us in this challenge beginning on Ash Wednesday. All it takes is for you to personally set aside 15-25 minutes every day for one year and follow the reading plan. And if you do this, you'll have read through the entire Bible!

For a detailed plan for reading the Bible in one year please visit this website: